About our water


Our mineral water with natural carbon dioxide is from the heart of the Rhodope
Mountains and has an 80-year history. The spring is located in Posestra in the
valley of the Vacha River and was discovered in 1936 as a mountain stream with
a distinctive taste and flavour.

A new product: Spring water is our new product that we launched on the
market in 2008.

The company has a permit for the use of the Persenk spring, from which the
spring water of Zoraya is bottled. This is pure mountain water from the
Rhodope with very low mineral levels.

Sparkling natural mineral water

It helps to restore the salt balance in the body after sports activities and is extremely beneficial in the treatment of … ..

Spring water

Our spring water is still, natural and fresh and suitable for everyday use.

It contains minerals in a balanced ratio that contributes to its exceptional taste.

Water for every day, suitable for infants. For the whole family!


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