The company’s success lies in its awareness of the sustainable footprint. Plastics have been polluting our environment for decades! To reduce plastic in the environment and achieve sustainable goals, we introduced the 10-liter bag-in-box for spring water.

We strive to recycle and use recyclable plastic in our bag-in-box. The components can be given separately for reuse: the cardboard for waste paper, the plastic bag for plastic recycling.

Advantages of the bag-in-box with pure spring water:

  • Convenient (easy to carry, use anywhere)
  • Deposit free
  • Use 1 box instead of 10 1 liter bottles and reduce the junk
  • Suitable for every day and for the whole family


Our 10L bag-in-box packaging also has “Der Grüne Punkt”

“Der Grüne Punkt” is a registered trademark of Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) and stands for a functioning circular economy, i.e. the consistent use of recyclable materials from waste. With the ongoing development of recycling, “Der Grüne Punkt” is bringing more and more valuable and raw materials to recycling and new uses. This protects finite resources, the climate and the environment.

If “Der Grüne Punkt” is printed on packaging, the manufacturer of this packaging shows that he fulfills the obligations of the packaging ordinance.

Quellwasser 10l