Spring water

Spring water is obtained very closely to the soil surface – at 0-100 m depth, at temperatures below 20°C.

As young water it has very low mineral levels – typically 80-100 mg / l. Our spring water with a pink label is one of the lowest mineralized waters with a total mineralization of 72 mg / l and very low sodium / salt levels of 2.8 mg / l.

It is suitable for infants, a low-sodium diet and to avoid water retention in the


Zoraya offers a variety of packaging options.

quellwasser 0.5l
quellwasser 1.5l
Quellwasser 10l

Mineral content of our spring water



F < 0,05

Na 3,37

Cl 3,19

K 1,74

SO4 7,82

Ca 19,02

HCO3 16,5

Mg 1,4

  • Electric conductivity– 119 μs/cm
    pH is 7,55

Our water for your health

Our spring water is still, natural and fresh and suitable for everyday use.

EIt contains minerals in a balanced ratio that contributes to its exceptional taste. Our spring water has a balanced calcium and magnesium content and small amounts of sodium, chloride and sulfate, which makes it suitable for everyone.

Optimally mineralized for all age groups and suitable for everyday use.

Water suitable for babies

Infants have a very sensitive nature and require special care to meet their needs. For their hydration, it is very important to use water with the right mineral content.

Immune and excretory systems of babies are still underdeveloped, which means that the use of clean low-mineral water is required. 75% of an infant’s body is water and their daily requirement is 100 to 150 ml of water per kilogram / body weight or 1/2 liter for a 5-kg child.

Children can drink our spring water daily from birth due to its extremely low mineralization.


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